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Join video game enthusiasts Josh, Chris, Alexander, Sarah, Ruben and Kasim as they discuss games, entertainment, movies, and whatever Masahiro Sakurai has been up to.

Mar 24, 2016

Happy Jackie Robinson episode! This week, we've got special guest Kasim, who works at Square Enix and has been playing both The Division and Far Cry Primal. Then we talk about Stardew Valley, which Sarah's been playing, SUPERHOT, as well as Street Fighter V and finally, The Last Night, which was our free game of the week. Then in Out of Bounds, we talk about Zootopia and some House of Cards action. Come back for next episode, where our free game of the week will be The Great Palermo.


Music: "Intro" by Slime Girls, "Florida" by The Range, and "Hallucinations" by DVSN